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Andon Systems

Andon Systems

Next Step Technologies are manufacturing Andon Systems for all kind of production oriented enterprises which makes use of assembly line for working. The main purpose of the system to displays real-time Target, Actual, OEE, and Trend on screen.
Brand : Next Step Technologies
Detailed Description

Next Step Technologies introducing ’;Custom Built Industrial Communication Displays’; the Next generation of ANDON for Industries. This system has been well accepted as an effective management tool in industries. These systems are used in all types of industries for various applications. The main purpose of the system is to provide production related online information on the shop floor to initialize appropriate action by the concerned person to achieve the target. The system also communicates important messages viz. text message and email message, awareness messages and greetings to all concerned within no time.


  • Monitoring Real-time OEE parameters like Target & Actual, Trend, and OEE.
  • Controlled by priority based login
  • 16 HMI can be interface to single Control Unit.
  • Covering 16 losses per machine / line
  • 8 – 32 Analog / Digital I/O for each HMI.
  • Wide count rang 0 – 99999.
  • One ANDON module is applicable for 3 machine / line. (As per 6 Sigma study.)
  • Production summary graph for Target Vs Actual o/p. And Loss summary graph for all losses.
  • Detail log book report is generated as per shift
  • Failures will get noticed automatic as per priority.
  • Various display screens can be used.
  • Get to know the performance of operators.

3 ways for nonfiction for failure...

  • Display screen.
  • Text message through GSM module (Full Duplex mode)
  • Email service (For higher authority only.)
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