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AC/ DC CDI test bench

AC/ DC CDI test bench

Next Step Technologies is prominent manufacturer & supplier of DC – CDI Test Bench in Pune. The Benches are Automation systems oriented towards testing, inspection & quality control.
Brand : Next Step Technologies
Detailed Description

DC-CDI Test Bench is for detecting and analyzing the spark, firing angle, solenoid (voltage and duration), Spark voltage and current of a Capacitance Discharge Ignition (CDI) unit is one of the first kinds of machine in this type. They are today a necessity in the stringent quality environments across industry sectors; ensure better productivity and reliability of the products, as well as reducing human intervention error factors.


  • Used to check the CDI of two wheelers
  • Using specific input and with the help of software product will get tested.
  • It’;s a multistep DAQ Testing system
  • Different conditions & inputs of different steps of software
  • Depending upon the step conditions device under test (DUT) is Passed / Failed.
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