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Andon Display Board

Andon Display Board

Next Step Technologies best Manufacturer and supplier of andon display boards.
Detailed Description

Andon is a visual control device that shows machine, line or process status. These displays help you to identify where you need to concentrate your efforts, to get maximum efficiency from your lines. It has a lot of useful information which is easy to understand at a glance. The enclosures are sealed and contain all the necessary power and signal processing boards. They can be wall or suspension mounted, and run from 11-30VDC or 95-265 VAC. All use long-life, low maintenance LED’;s for trouble-free operation over many years.

• Micro controller Based & Fully programmable
• Custom Built Logic for interlock, password, reset 
• Interface with PC / PLC / RS 485 Instruments
• Indoor as well as outdoor visibility displays
• Character Size from 0.5” to 1ft or more.

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